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China is a most important market for DCI to expand into internationally. Early in 2003, liaised by a DCI Chinese staff member, 500m2 of the CORCON system was supplied for a project at the Shan Shui Garden Club (located in the Old Stone Man area in Shang Dong province, China).
 As CORCON is 100% reusable, the actual construction area produced by  the 500m2 of the CORCON system was 6,000 m2 .

Late in 2003, the QingDao group submitted a comprehensive project report to DCI which demonstrated great satisfaction with the CORCON system and  highlighted  recommendations in using CORCON in China.


The ShanShuiMingYuan First Phase (Formwork Project) is a project of our company. This project is located between the east of ShiLaoRen Village and the west of Shi Lao Ren Guang Guang. The location backs a mountain and faces the sea, is convenient for transport and is also very beautiful. The project construction area is 2,700 sqm, with a concrete steel formwork structure and a total of 4 floors. The first floor is 4.2 m high. The second floor is 3.9 m high. The third floor is 3.6 m high and the fourth floor is 5.4 m high. The total height is 17.1 m. The total length is 65.1 m. Total width is 45.17 m. The building is multi-functional, combining office, recreation/games, conference and accommodation facilities.The project commenced in May 2003 with the construction of the foundations. Within the15 days that the first floor’s formwork was being prepared, we imported Australian company, Decoin’s, CORCON system of corrugated steel and beam mould forms. This is the first time the system has been used in our city of Qingdao. CORCON expert, Andy Stodulka of Decoin provided detailed supervision of, and training in, this construction method. The expert (Mr Stodulka) directed us from the setting up of the beam moulds, the setting up the special brackets placed at either end and under any overlaps, the adding of the curved steel sheets, the placing of end moulds, the adding of reinforcement bars to add strength to the system, the concrete pour, the dismantling of the formwork right through to its storage in crates ready for future re-use. Using the CORCON  technology, the structural part of the project was then completed within the short time of only 45 days despite the project’s complexity. The structure was then ready for internal furbishment. I, myself, the Project Site Engineer, have made a comparison between the traditional steel formwork technology and the CORCON  formwork system in terms of Construction schedule, Quality and Cost.

CORCON  Formwork, during the setting up process, saves time, materials, and labour compared with traditional steel moulds.

  • Materials, such as steel tubes and connectors are saved as the CORCON  moulds only needs one support point where the traditional steel moulds need many support points.
  • Because the CORCON   beams and moulds are all ready to use, time is saved in setting up and there is a reduced need of workers.

Construction quality: Due to the overlapping of the corrugated sheets (which are part of the CORCON   mould system), there are no gaps through which concrete could drip. This guarantees concrete strength and appearance.

Timing and efficiency: The use of CORCON moulds and beams was shown to decrease construction time. With the use of CORCON, the number of times the formwork could be used was increased. Also, the work for the labourers was less difficult and less strenuous. All Of these factors increased efficiency.

Dismantling of beam moulds and corrugated sheets It is very convenient to remove the CORCONâ   beam moulds and corrugated sheets, because these materials are so light. Therefore, the whole operation is safe compared with the dangers of removing the heavy traditional metal moulds.

Storage and handling The design of the CORCONâ  beam moulds and corrugated sheets are especially suited to convenient storage as each stacks readily and, due to the lightweight, is easily manhandled. In particular, the stacks occupy of a comparatively small space, making them easy to store, handle and transport.

Transport After completing the project, the CORCONâ   moulds were transported using only one truck. Traditional steel moulds need four trucks, leading to a significant saving in transport fees.

Storage Because the CORCONâ   moulds occupy only a small space, only a relatively small space was required at the project site for storage. This would be particularly beneficial in a space-limited project. This is a considerable advantage with traditional steel moulds which occupy a large storage area

Disadvantages of the corcon system The CORCONâ   system, as supplied to this project, uses wood as an end stabiliser and under overlaps of the beam moulds. This meant the use of twice as much wood as in the traditional steel mould system. Also, there was increased use of wire and screws to hold the wood blocks in place.

In summary, the advantages of the CORCONâ   formwork system is an obv
ious significant increase in quality, timeliness and efficiency and thus of the economic benefit.


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